New homologation for metallic workers training

New homologation for metallic workers training

New homologation for metallic workers training

The Prevention Service of Aciturri has received the homologation of the Labor Metallic Foundation to provide the mandatory specific training that all workers in this productive sector must attend.

The qualification enables us to internalize this training activity, thus allowing Aciturri not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to apply our own quality standards for this kind of processes.

On February, we’ve started the online training –through our E-learning platform of the School of Prevention and Environment– for more than 360 members of our staff in office positions.

In parallel, we are already making different manuals and presentations, which will integrate the face-to-face module –of at least 20 hours–, and its planning for the different positions. To this end, our Prevention Service has designated one of our technicians from the Miranda de Ebro plant as the leader in this training area, as part of our commitment to this training program’s quality.

This initiative impulses our goal of constantly increasing our competitiveness and the development of our people, by providing added value to the compliance and training activities of our team.

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