New Business Intelligence system

New Business Intelligence system

New Business Intelligence system

After almost a year of work, our colleagues of the Systems department of Aciturri have launched a new Business Intelligence system that will allow us, from now on, to take better and more precise business decisions.

The new solution could incorporate, in addition to the data extracted from SAP, those coming from other new systems such as MAPEX (Manufacturing Execution System), homogenizing them in a single repository and interpreting them under a unified corporate criterion.

In this way, we are able to analyse with more agility aspects such as stock levels, manufacturing times or the performance of the plants. With this, we also extract relevant business information for departments and projects managers, in terms of product costs and profitability, quality in deliveries, and deadlines or quality of our suppliers.

The automation of all this information supposes an important saving in time and cost in relation to data interpretation and report writing. The system allows the information to be made available digitally in the different Aciturri plants and workshops, favouring the coordination among all of them; besides generating reports for sending to third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.).

The deployment of this new solution is another of the activities that contribute to our digitization & Industry 4.0 plan, under which Aciturri is deploying several projects related to data analysis, process automation and new advanced manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing.

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