New agreements with authorized waste managers

New agreements with authorized waste managers

New agreements with authorized waste managers

The Environmental area of Aciturri has established new agreements with Ecopilas, Ambilamp and Tragatoner for the organization and promotion of recycling in our facilities.  

These entities will now be responsible for the management of batteries, fluorescent and toner waste that are generated as a result of our industrial activity, supposing for Aciturri, in addition to cost savings, the integration and harmonization of the recycling system in all our productive plants.

Ecopilas Foundation will be our manager for the collection of alkaline batteries in our plants. Between 50% and 80% of its components are recoverable for the creation of secondary raw materials, supposing energy savings and reducing the growing extractive demand for raw materials.

In the case of fluorescent tubes, the agreement with Ambilamp will make it possible to reuse the plastic, glass and metals that compose them, as well as the safe storage of the mercury they contain.

Finally, Tragatoner will manage the collection and recycling of printing consumables, for the later classification and recovery of components susceptible to reuse.

In Aciturri we consider a priority to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as to maintain an exhaustive control of our production processes, in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activity.

Therefore, as part of our Environmental Policy, we establish agreements with authorized managers that ensure an adequate and specific treatment of each type of waste according to its nature. Thus, we encourage waste to not end up in landfills, thereby ensuring the reduction of its environmental impact to minimum.

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