New painting facilities in Ircio

New painting facilities in Ircio

New painting facilities in Ircio

Aciturri Aeroengines Ircio has successfully completed the start-up of its new installation for the painting of aeroengines structural parts.

Prepared for the treatment of detail parts that support up to 800ºC in operation, it is indicated for the application of high-resistance paints to protect these components not only against these high temperatures, but also of oxidation and corrosion.

The new installation has a blasting system for the preparation and activation of surfaces, a cabin for the preparation of specific paint mixtures for engine parts, a painting booth with automatic both humidity and thermal control and recorder, an oven for painting curing up to 580ºC and an inspection zone with thickness and conductivity measuring devices.

After the positive results of all the certification test tubes, the plant is already in operation and have begun to process, in accordance with the high-quality requirements that demands this type of parts, the first HUB of the low-pressure turbine for the engines Trent 1000 and Trent 7000 of Rolls Royce. In addition to these components, in this new space will also be made the painting of the compressor casing of the Trent 7000.

The commissioning of this new facility, a key element for some of the main detail parts of the Trent engine, is an important milestone for our plant of Aeroengines Ircio, which also allows us, in the case of HUB T1000 and T7000, to internalize in the plant a process that optimizes the delivery lead time and gives robustness to the process.

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