Aciturri joins PLD Space shareholder

Aciturri joins PLD Space shareholder

Aciturri joins PLD Space shareholder
Image of the suborbital rocket ARION 1 in space

Aciturri has become a shareholder in the PLD Space company, a Spanish firm based in Alicante dedicated to the development of suborbital and orbital launch vehicles.

The project of the company PLD Space constitutes a commitment to the space sector that fits perfectly with our diversification strategy, and in which, besides our support as a financial partner, we believe we can contribute our knowledge and technology.

The latest funding round, recently closed, has allowed the company to complete its "Series A" of 17 million euros, thanks to which it will start manufacturing two ARION 1 rockets that will make their first flight in 2019. Additionally, it will expand during this quarter its propulsion test facilities at Teruel airport.

The ARION 1 is the first of the models that PLD Space is developing, and it is designed as a suborbital sounding rocket for research or technological development in micro-gravity environments and in the higher parts of the atmosphere.

For its part, the ARION 2 has orbital range and will be manufactured in a close phase (its first flight is scheduled for 2020) and will be able to place 150 kg of cargo in a low orbit of 400 km.

The project will be the first orbital launch system of the history of Spain, and is being developed entirely in our country: from design, manufacturing and integration to launching.

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