New system for KPI dissemination

New system for KPI dissemination

New system for KPI dissemination

Our Systems Department has developed a screens network in the Aciturri facilities of Aeroengines Ircio, Aerostructures Boecillo and Aerostructures Tres Cantos for the live data dissemination of indicators related to production management.

Based on a Cloud content manager, the system is managed centrally and connects with the autonomous equipments that reproduce the data organized in campaigns. Actually, they have been deployed, in a pilot phase, 7 equipments in Ircio, 1 in Boecillo and 1 in Tres Cantos, and the forecast is that this number will increase considerably throughout the year.

With this system, we achieve to efficiently transmit a lot of relevant data for the performance of our work, mainly the SAP data compiled by our Software colleagues; although it can also be used to play content such as videos, images, or news, among others.

The Hardware & Communications and the Software areas of Aciturri work together in the development of projects such as this, which allow us to increase our level of competitiveness and to guarantee the correct performance of our activity.

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