Hegan Cluster members meet at Aciturri

Hegan Cluster members meet at Aciturri

Hegan Cluster members meet at Aciturri

We´ve hosted a new Hegan Cluster meeting (Aerospace Association from Basque country) at Aciturri Aeroengines Ircio, with the participation of Supply Chain managers from Aciturri, ITP Aero, Alestis, Sener and Aernnova.

In this occasion, our work has been focused on developing new opportunities with local suppliers within the aerospace supply chain.

Together we have identified some of the products and technologies that we´re currently acquiring abroad, and which are suitable to be acquired nationally. Thus, we aim to contribute not only to the development of our industry, but also to the improvement of our competitiveness through the consequent time and cost’s savings.

In this same line, the companies participating in the meeting have established various courses of action for the improvement of communication within the aeronautical sector, in which to involve its key players: private companies, associations and clusters.

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