Sustainability Report and Non-Financial Information Statement

Sustainability Report and Non-Financial Information Statement

Sustainability Report and Non-Financial Information Statement

In Aciturri, we consider it a priority to share information about our performance with our environment, but also about the social, economic and environmental impact of our activity.

For this purpose, we now publish our Sustainability Report for the year 2018, prepared according to the standard guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Spanish Law 11/2018 on non-financial information and diversity. It includes both the report on our compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and our Non-Financial Information Statement.

Among the main achievements in social matters it stands, as an example, the low accident rate registered in our company, situated, in all our production plants, far below the sector average. In this area also highlights the implementation of shared initiatives such as the Bebot Program, aimed at promoting scientific-technological vocations among children and youth, or the accelerator of industrial projects "Polo Positivo", created with the aim of identifying and promoting entrepreneurship projects in the industrial field.

From the environmental point of view, we´ve launched various initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint, achieving a significant reduction in it, both in absolute value (6,282 tCO2eq less than in 2017) and in ratio. The amount of hazardous waste deposited in landfills has also decreased, in this case by more than 58 tons, and our company has managed to reduce its tooling consumption by approximately one quarter.

On an economical dimension, we have maintained a turnover similar to that of the previous year, with the focus on recovering in the coming financial year the growth trend sustained during the previous ones, consolidating ourselves as an aerostructures Tier 1 and improving our position in the business of engine

From Aciturri, we commit ourselves to publish this report on an annual basis, with the aim of transmitting this way in an extensive and effective way all the information about our industrial activity that may be of relevance for all our stakeholders.


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