Exoskeleton workshop in Aciturri

Exoskeleton workshop in Aciturri

Exoskeleton workshop in Aciturri

Aciturri Aerostructures Ayuelas has hosted a training workshop on the use of exoskeletons, taught by Grupo Iturri, a company specialized in work safety and protection.

The technicians of Iturri have updated us about the emerging trends in the use of these equipments, in a meeting in which they have participated managers from the areas of Engineering, Machining, Warehouse, Lean, Quality and Treatments & Assembly of this plant; in addition to the Aciturri prevention technicians of Miranda de Ebro and Berantevilla.

Later, our team has had also the opportunity to test two models of exoskeletons in different work positions of these plants, tests in which they have had the collaboration of employees and managers of logistics and inspections.

With this kind of workshops, we seek to learn about the benefits that these equipments present as a support to those physical operations that could harm physically -in the medium and long term- our people, and for which there’s no other technical solution.

After this session, our Prevention Service is already working on the analysis of the main conclusions, together with those responsible for the different areas of activity that are collaborating in the process, to determine if the equipment is adequate to support our daily work and, if so, to study its possible ways of implementation in Aciturri.

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