Technological update in Boecillo's facilities

Technological update in Boecillo's facilities

Technological update in Boecillo's facilities

The Aciturri Aerostructures work center has completed the process of technological updating planned for 2020 with the incorporation of a new CNC trimming equipment and the fitting out of the new area for final painting of large elements.

CNC trimming equipment

In order to satisfy the client's demands and to guarantee the necessary industrial capacity, Aciturri Aerostructures has bet on incorporating an automatic trimming machine for the manufacture of composites.

Aciturri has trusted MTorres to supply this CNC machine with useful dimensions 23x4x1,5 m. (LxWxh), with two autonomous working areas that allow the loading/unloading and simultaneous operation. This technology ensures the availability of internal machining capacity especially for large elements, while reducing the risks in production associated with handling and other complementary operations.

Technological update in Boecillo's facilities

Painting facility for large parts

Likewise, the new certified facilities for the preparation, sanding, application and curing of paint, with useful dimensions of 14x2,6x3,8 m, are already operative in Boecillo. (LxWxh). The facility supplyed by Cabinas Lagos, incorporates two cabins, sanding and paint application, integrated by a handling system that allows moving the pieces vertically between cabins, and elevators to improve the access of the painters to all areas of the pieces.

The completion of the work in this new working area has enabled the internalization and optimization of the integral process of manufacturing and delivery of the A350 VTP coatings, eliminating the inefficiencies related to logistics, quality and loading in supply chain management; tasks that had a direct impact on the lead time and cost of the process.

With these investments, the process of expanding the facilities initiated to develop the A350 VTP "design&build" contract with full guarantees, optimizing the process flow and providing all the necessary production capacities internally.

Technological update in Boecillo's facilities

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