The Spanish aerospace industry maintains its growth trend

The Spanish aerospace industry maintains its growth trend

The Spanish aerospace industry maintains its growth trend

The turnover of the defence, aeronautical and space companies integrated in the sectorial Spanish Association TEDAE -to which Aciturri belongs- reached in 2017 the amount of 11,180 million euros, 4.5% more than in the previous exercise.

We are 77 the industrial companies that are part of this association, and our joint effort meant last year a contribution of 0.9% to the national GDP (5.9% to the industrial).

Within this group, the aeronautical industry has been the area with the highest turnover (8,947 M€) but, above all, with the highest growth: in the last 10 years, we have duplicated this result, and we are currently one of the most competitive industries in our country. For Aciturri, this last decade has meant a 10-times increase in our turnover, making possible for last year to exceed the barrier of 300 million euros.

In general, our market has grown in all its magnitudes, increasing almost 2% the employment and up to 11% the investment in R&D. 7.4% of the expenditure on innovation made in Spain is executed by the sectors that make up TEDAE.  
In our specific case, we invest 17.4 M€ in the development of new products, processes and manufacturing technologies, and 7 M€ in R&D projects.

In the presentation of these results made last week by TEDAE, its president, Jaime Rábago, highlighted the role of our companies in the national economy "in terms of billing, qualified employment, generation of advanced technology and its transfer to other sectors", and identified all us as authentic "State Industries", strategic for the economy and for the progress of Spain.

The challenges of our industry are mainly, as Rábago pointed out, to increase specialization, R&D, competitiveness, and the efficiency of supply chains, in addition to gaining positions in the European and international market.

For our part, we will continue to grow: in 2020 we expect to reach 400 M€ of turnover, we´ll maintain our commitment to internationalization and we´ll work to become us an agent that contributes to the entire supply chain of the aeronautical sector, from its conception to its industrialization.

And we will do it, as always. with aeronautical passion and in collaboration with our partners, customers and competitors, for the joint benefit of our sector and our economy.

Check in detail the results presented by TEDAE

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