Practical tools for Defense, Security and Aerospace

Practical tools for Defense, Security and Aerospace

Practical tools for Defense, Security and Aerospace

Mª Ángeles Sanz, from the Aciturri Systems Quality department, has participated in the technical workshop on “Practical tools for the Defense, Security and Aerospace sector”, organized by TEDAE and the Spanish Association for Quality (BCE).          
During the event, the participants have presented various documents prepared by the TEDAE Quality Committee (of which Aciturri is a part) with the aim of guiding the defence, security, aeronautics and space industries.

Our partner was in charge of the presentation of the “Guide for root causes analysis. Human factor”, designed for the systematization of root causes of product, process, and services nonconformities, with special emphasis on their human factor.

José Gómez, from the Quality and Production Audit (Defense and Security) department of Indra, gave a talk on “Good practices on prevention of counterfeit products”; María Díaz, expert in Product Safety and Airworthiness, addressed the topic of "Product Safety"; and José Miguel Herrero, Senior Quality Manager of GDELS-SBS, concluded the meeting by presenting the results of the working group that identified the best practices on “Management of processes, services and products externally purchased”.

The meeting was attended by more than 80 representatives of technology companies belonging to TEDAE, members of the Spanish Association for Quality and organizations linked to the Spanish aerospace and aerospace industry.

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