Visits to educational centers "Family Business in classrooms"

Visits to educational centers "Family Business in classrooms"

Visits to educational centers "Family Business in classrooms"

Mª Eugenia Clemente, Aciturri´s shareholder, has visited the school Sagrado Corazón in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos); as part of the activities organized within the program "Family Business in classrooms".

During her visit, she shared with the students her entrepreneurial experience and told them how we have managed to make Aciturri evolve from a small workshop in a garage to the great aeronautical family that we make up today from our nine production centers in Spain.

Developed by the Castilla y León Family Company “EFCL” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Government of the region, this program aims to reinforce the contents related to business and entrepreneurship foreseen in the curricula of 6th Primary School (Social Sciences) and 4th of Middle School (Initiation to Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial Activity).

To do this, they have launched these kind of meetings, focused on generating a direct contact between students and family businesses such as Aciturri, and thus to make known the role of our companies in the economy and society. At the same time, it is intended to promote among the young people entrepreneurial vocations and attitudes.

After the talk held at the beginning of this week, the students of the Sagrado Corazón school will visit our Ircio plant next Friday, to know "in situ" its operation, activity, organization and characteristics.


"The fruit of values"

The "Family Business in Classrooms" Program is part of the initiative 'The Fruit of Values' launched by EFCL to convey a positive image of the “family entrepreneur” and to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

In Castilla y León, the region in which Aciturri was born, 95% of the companies are family-owned, they employee 80% of the population in the private sector and make together 70% of the regional GDP.

Since January, the program is being carried out in 18 schools in Castilla y León, and has the participation of 19 family businesses. These companies will help to disseminate not only the contribution of family businesses to the development of society, but also its characteristic values (related to education) such as entrepreneurship, effort, rooting, or continuity and commitment, among others.

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