Update of the VPM system with Embraer

Update of the VPM system with Embraer

Update of the VPM system with Embraer

At Aciturri Aerostructures we participate in the manufacture of the multi-mission military aircraft KC-390, for which we perform the wing and fuselage fairing.

To achieve the high level of concurrence required by this program, Aciturri and Embraer have an information exchange system (VPM) through which we transmit daily and automatically the designs of the different pieces.

This mechanism allows us to work, in a coordinated and updated way, in the design areas that corresponds to each company, reducing both times and errors, thanks to this continuous communication system.

During June and July our colleagues from Systems department have worked together with the areas of Product Definition, Process Engineering and Embraer's own staff to update this information network, at the request of the Brazilian company.

For this, a multitude of technical tasks have been carried out (servers, applications and databases updates), after which we have certified the compatibility of this new system with the internal tools of Aciturri.

Since July 1 this new version is underway, thanks to which we continue to receive and send to Embraer all the necessary documentation for the success and efficiency of the program.

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