Accident rate reduction at Aciturri

Accident rate reduction at Aciturri


In general, in the aeronautical industry, where a large number of manual jobs are performed, there is a high risk of injuries, mainly musculoskeletal.

That is why in Aciturri we maintain a preventive management that leads us to continuously improve the working conditions of our equipment, reducing damages and accidents as part of our operational excellence.

We adopt a philosophy based on the human factor and the management of injuries through our “Zero Injury” program to reduce, as much as possible, any kind of accidents. A task that is only possible thanks to the global involvement of the team and the commitment to advanced prevention tools (weightless handling systems, ergonomic floors, computerization...).

Thus, we have managed to reduce accidents by 33% (without sick leave) and 39% (with sick leave) in the last three years, achieving a new record in accidents’ reduction in our facilities.

Our challenge, and our commitment to the people who make up Aciturri, is to continue improving it every day.

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