How to be part of our Supply Chain


How can I participate in hiring processes?

The establishment of a trust relationship usually happens through progressive collaborations in which our internal clients validate the level of interlocution and the fulfilment of objectives.

There is a great autonomy in the introduction of new partners within the purchasing or subcontracting process. However, participating in major projects requires a systematic demonstration of the fulfilment of Aciturri's expectations (performance) or the proven value contribution in the market that motivates the organization to such collaboration.

The formalization of Supply Chain processes will be conducted through the electronic trading platform (ARIBA) for which it is necessary for you to register and to be approved by Aciturri.

What do I have to do to offer my services as an Aciturri supplier?

Access to the form for subcontractors and suppliers and enter your initial data for the first contact with us. It is important that, in a small presentation, you talk us about your most significant data and show us the technologies, certifications, organization and most representative works that you have done.

How can I know the business opportunities?

Once in our database, our Supply Chain technicians will contact you if they think you have something different from the rest and which can fit into one of our next projects and opportunities.

What are the criteria used in awards?

Mainly, we attend to the following criteria for awarding projects:

•    Performance: delivery and quality indicators.
•    Deadlines for supplies. Lead times.
•    Industrial and economic capacity. Work in $.
•    Available certifications for the sector and the main OEMs.
•    Flexibility and adaptability. Organization and work teams.


Form for subcontractors and suppliers

If you want to be part of our supply chain, fill out this form. Once analysed the possibilities and detected the opportunity, we will contact you.


The corporate presentation should include indicators and evolution of billing, employment, locations, services and main technologies, production means and certifications of the quality system, specific to the aeronautical sector and/or to other sectors.

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