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We work to generate value for the global aeronautical market

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A strong company in constant evolution

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Business model




Customer Service

  • Aciturri is a faithful partner that works to anticipate to its client's challenges.
  • We have service vocation. We meet rigorously our commitments.

we [air] industry

The Results

  • Aciturri is a resource-generating organization. We search tenaciously the result.

  • Our goal is to maintain a sustained growth in order to have a high investment and development capacity in the aerospace sector.

we [air] industry

In the Excellence

  • Intensive knowledge in high-technical complexity projects and mastery of technology.

  • Management Model developed entirely in Aciturri and based on Lean Thinking.

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With Innovation

  • To be an active agent of innovation in the aerospace sector. To position ourselves at the technological forefront.
  • To assume as many technological challenges that help us strengthen our competitiveness and long-term sustainability.

we [air] industry

Added Value

  • Invest to compete, grow and offer better solutions to our customers.

  • Flexibility, agility, proximity and application responsibility in the programs in which we collaborate.

we [air] industry


A family company founded in 1977 that has known how to grow with ambition and stability, thanks to the creativity and commitment of the people who integrate it.

Clients, suppliers, partners and employees who have inspired us and who make possible the challenge of keeping Aciturri in constant evolution.

Since 1977
Since 1977
Complex challenges
Complex challenges
Family management
Family management
In constant growth
In constant growth

Corporate principles

Committed to sustainability

Aciturri´s business project is based on the belief that our success and social welfare
are -and must continue being- closely linked.

We opt for building a sustainable future based on the generation
of economic, environmental and social value.

To create valuewe [air] industry

To create value

Orientación al desempeño
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Service Vocationwe [air] industry

Service Vocation

Dinamismo y flexibilidad
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Team Buildingwe [air] industry

Team Building

Compromiso, respeto y transparencia
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Safe Companywe [air] industry

Safe Company

Cultura de la prevención
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Environmental carewe [air] industry

Environmental care

Reducción de nuestro impacto en el planeta
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Relationship with our environmentwe [air] industry

Relationship with our environment

Colaboraciones duraderas
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Social actionwe [air] industry

Social action

Comprometidos y solidarios
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Ethics and Compliance

The Aciturri Corporate Culture, as a set of values, beliefs, customs and shared habits, includes acting against facts, attitudes and/or behaviours that injures the values and ethical principles that Aciturri understands as fundamental, regardless of whether they constitute a crime or not.

Aciturri's Regulatory Compliance Model, called Corporate Compliance, is based on the adoption and execution of surveillance and control actions, the periodic review of the Model, the existence of an autonomous and independent body in charge of ensuring its operation, called the "Ethics and Compliance Committee", the Aciturri Code of Conduct, the Complaints Channel, and a continuous training and information system in matters of Regulatory Compliance.

Aciturri´s Commitment

Our mission materializes in “To innovate technologies and processes, to globalise activities, and to develop our professionals to offer a comprehensive, profitable, differentiate and close service to our customers”.

This mission is based on an organizational model driven by Continuous Improvement and in the permanent pursuit of Excellence, as well as in values and behaviours that permeate and define the company’s work philosophy and that conforms Aciturri´s identity.

The Aciturri Management Board understands Ethical and Social Responsibility - besides a moral obligation - as an opportunity to generate value in the Society in which it carries out its activity and to guarantee the development and sustainability of its business project. For this reason, it is committed to meet and overcome the statutory obligations of all the territories in which it operates, in labour, social, ethical and environmental spheres.

This declaration of principles and values that define the Organisation corporate identity is specified in Aciturri's Code of Conduct, in which Aciturri's Cultural Values and Aciturri's Principles of Action are detailed.

The Ethical and Socially Responsible Management Policy was approved by the Managing Director of Aciturri on December 3, 2012.

Code of Conduct

It collects the ethical principles of action of the people who develop their activity in Aciturri or on behalf of it. The Code is complemented by policies and standards developed by the different areas of activity of the Company, in order to comply with the statutory obligations and the specific requirements of the aeronautical sector.

See/download Code of Conduct

Ethics and Compliance Committee

Autonomous and independent department in charge of supervising the operation and compliance of Aciturri's Corporate Compliance model. It is composed of the people who assume the functions of Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Supply Chain Director, Quality Director, People, ORP & Environment Director, and Compliance Officer.

President Chief Executive Officer
Secretary (*) Compliance Officer
Board mimbre Managing Director
Board member Supply Chain Director
Board member Quality Director
Board member People, ORP & Environment Director

 (*) with voice but not vote.

24-h Complaints Channel

It is the communication channel that Aciturri offers to employees, customers, suppliers, and any other interested people, to report, in good faith and without fear of reprisal, any wrongful act, irregularity, breach of the Code of Conduct or unethical conduct observed in an employee, manager or representative of Aciturri during the development of its activity.

Complaints Channel

Doubts and queries

Any interested party may make queries or doubts about issues related to the Complaints Channel, the Code of Conduct and the Compliance area. Those made anonymously or in bad faith will be considered as not presented.

Queries can be made to the following email address: codigodeconducta@aciturri.com

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