24-h Complaints Channel

24-h Complaints Channel

What is the Complaints Channel?

It is the communication channel that Aciturri offers to employees, customers, suppliers, and any other interested people, to report, in good faith and without fear of reprisal, any wrongful act, irregularity, breach of the Code of Conduct.

What can I report?

The scope of the Complaints Channel is limited to breaches of Aciturri's Code of Conduct, that is to say, any act that violates the corporate principles of action. It is about pursuing any action that opposes the law, morals and corporate ethics of Aciturri.
This channel can’t be used to make labour claims and/or individual requests, which will follow the ordinary channel through Human Resources.



How can I make a report?

Any interested party can make a report by using the form published in the E&C Channel, as well as through this email: canaldedenuncias@aciturri.com

The information received through the reporting channel will be completely confidential and will be used exclusively for the purpose of clarifying the complaint. All the information provided during its processing will be eliminated within a maximum period of two months after the complaint is closed.
Whenever Aciturri guarantees the confidentiality of the complaints received, the denunciations made anonymously will be considered as not filed.

Also, it should be noted that complaints in bad faith, knowing their falsehood or for the purpose of harming a partner or superior will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, without limiting the possible criminal liability for the possible commission of a crime of insults or slander, or civil liability for the injury to the right to honor.

Reprisals ban

In the same way, it is strictly forbidden to take any action against an employee or manager of Aciturri which constitutes a reprisal or any type of negative consequence for having made a complaint.

How are complaints handled?

The complaint will be processed by the Compliance Officer, independently, who will autonomously investigate the facts, determining its veracity and scope. In the internal investigation, the Compliance Officer will be able to gather all the information and documentation that he considers opportune.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Compliance Officer will send acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant and initiate an internal investigation, unless the complaint is manifestly without foundation or refers to matters unrelated to the Complaints Channel.

In these cases, you must communicate this circumstance to the interested party, and record this, and the decision of not to initiate an investigation in the complaints register.

This decision will not prevent the further initiation of an investigation if additional information is received.

Within one month of receiving the report, the Compliance Officer will prepare a reliable report that, after the analysis and approval of the Compliance Committee, will be sent to the Head of the Human Resources Department. However, if the circumstances of the case did not make it possible to comply with said deadline, it shall be duly recorded by notifying the interested parties.

The manager of Human Resources will be in charge of resolving the procedure, agreeing on the corrective and/or disciplinary measures that are deemed convenient. The term of resolution will be that established in the agreement or, where appropriate, in the Workers Statute for the imposition of the pertinent sanction according to its qualification, taking as the initial day of the deadline that of reliable knowledge by the Person in charge of Human Resources of reporting to the Compliance Officer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Compliance Officer verifies the existence of criminal offenses, it will bring the facts to the attention of the competent authority.


The Complaints Channel is managed exclusively by the Compliance Officer, independently and autonomously, thus guaranteeing absolute confidentiality in the processing of complaints.

Aciturri guarantees that the information received through the Whistleblower Channel will be completely confidential and will be used exclusively for the purpose of clarifying the purpose of the complaint. All the information provided during the processing of the complaint file will be eliminated within a maximum period of two months from the closing of the complaint, unless otherwise ordered by the competent authority.

Likewise, the Protection of Personal Data provided through the Whistleblowing Channel is guaranteed, which will only be used for the investigation of the reported facts. Aciturri guarantees compliance with the technical and organizational measures established by the legislation in force, regarding the Protection of Personal Data.

Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into a file owned by Aciturri Aeronáutica, S.L.U., with address at P.I. de Bayas - C\ Ayuelas, parcela 22, 09200 – Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), with the purpose of managing the channel of complaints and investigation of the reported facts.

By means of acceptance, the candidate gives his consent to the automated and non-automated processing of his personal data by Aciturri Aeronáutica, S.L.U. for the purpose described.

Also, we inform you that, according to the Organic Law of Data Protection, you can exercise, at any time, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and limitation of the processing against the person in charge of the file Aciturri Aeronáutica, SLU, filling in the corresponding model of exercise of rights that can be found at the company's headquarters, and sending it by postal mail to the address indicated with the subject "Protection of personal data", by delivering it in person at the headquarters or by sending it by email to the following address: canaldedenuncias@aciturri.com.