Corporate principles

To create value

  • Corporate principles

    Focused on performance

    We achieve the expected results by paying special attention to criteria of productivity, quality, efficiency, profitability and long-term sustainability.

Service vocation

  • Dynamism

    We are proactive in discovering opportunities, anticipating problems, detecting improvements and providing solvent initiatives to fulfill commitments both in time and manner.

    Corporate principles
  • Flexibility

    We face the demands of a technological sector in constant evolution, to offer an open to change attitude in the optimization of business processes and personal performance.

    Corporate principles

Team Building

  • Corporate principles


    We assume Aciturri´s mission as our own, as well as the achievement of personal goals. We align with its strategy and work to improve our corporate reputation.

  • Corporate principles


    We relate to people in an equal manner, always recognizing the personal and professional dignity of all members of the human team, regardless of their status, work position, gender, race and / or cultural origin.

  • Corporate principles


    We deploy open and honest communication habits, to facilitate trust-based relationships. We develop management tools that boost participation.

Safe Company

  • Culture of prevention

    We develop our own Occupational Health and Safety policies in order to combat any risk to our employees.

    100% of our work centers are adapted to OHSAS requirements, in order to reduce occupational accidents and to promote a culture of prevention against the risks related to each job.

    Corporate principles

Environmental care

  • Corporate principles

    Impact reduction

    We implement Environmental Management Plans for the reduction of our carbon footprint, each one specific for each work center and with measurable objectives.

    We promote the recycling of overstock of carbon fiber in non-aeronautical applications, thus reducing the amount of uncured material deposited in landfills.

    Also, we collaborate in the search for less-aggressive cleaning solvents, and we participate in the design of detail parts that allow the reduction of the final weight of the aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Relationship with our environment

  • Collaboration with other actors

    We are involved in the development of the communities in which we carry out our activity, through permanent both dialogue and collaboration with business organizations, knowledge centers and Administration.

    We participate in initiatives to promote aspects such as entrepreneurship and labor inclusion, and we defend human rights as partners of the UN Global Compact.

    Corporate principles




Social action

  • Corporate principles

    Committed to the Society

    We understand the impact that our professional activity has on society, as well as the potential that our initiatives can have for their benefit.

    We collaborate with solidarity, sports and health promotion projects, among others, that our employees start up; and we promote corporate activities in this same direction.

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